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Slicer and Variable Layout

Slicers and variables can be laid out using two approaches: auto-arranged or fixed placement.

NOTE: The layout options applies to both "local" slicers and variables as well as global slicers and global variables.

By default, panels housing slicers and variables are set to "auto-arrange" which simply place the slicers in the most appropriate fashion. However, users can utilize the more powerful "fixed" placement option to hand-place and hand-size each slicer with the panel or more granular control over the way a slide will appear in runtime.


When slicers and variables are dragged into a slide panel they are added in auto-arrange mode (the panel's toolbox and outer frame is shown with a magenta-pink color.) Right clicking on the toolbox icon of the slicer pane and choosing "Auto-arrange" from the context menu will switch the auto-arrange feature OFF. The slicer panel will then be converted into a fixed placement model (the panel's toolbox and outer frame is shown with a green color.)

Slicer and Variable Ordering

In auto-arrange mode, users can choose the order in which slicers or variables appear in the given panel. The existing order is show using blue circle markers (red arrow below). To change the position, right click and choose move up or down from the context menu to shift the ordering in the display list (green highlight below). Alternatively, use the Position Dialog to move things around more thoroughly.

Fixed Placement of Slicers and Variables

Once in fixed placement mode, slicers and variables can be hand-placed anywhere inside the panel. They can also be resized to fit the preferred size requirements.

  • By clicking on the green toolbox (black arrow below), the user can switch back to auto-arrange mode. They can also choose which side of the slide canvas to anchor the fixed panel to.
  • A red dotted line will appear when hovering around the edge of the slicer's bounding box (red arrow below). Left click on this red line to move the slicer WITHIN the current panel
    • Slicers can be moved OUT of the current panel to a different panel by clicking inside the slicer and holding the left mouse button
  • Hovering over the eight border handles of the slicer's bounding box will give the user the opportunity to resize the slicer (blue arrow below).

NOTE that not all slicers and variables can be resized in all directions.


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