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Interactions and Parameters

As described in the interaction overview, interactions are a technique for users to create scenarios where they can take a selected element in a source query and inject its value into one or more target queries or items.

Interactions can become incredibly powerful when they are mixed with parameterization capabilities.

How Interactions work with Parameters and Queries

In the conceptual diagram below, 2 interactions have been set up: a column interaction and a row interaction. When launched, the Story Board engine will take the user's interaction click and check where in the target it belongs.

By default, the source element is used to "slice" the data on the filter axis (position #3). However, it is very useful to be able to change the selections in the target query on the row or column axis too (positions #1 and #2). The problem is that there is no convenient way of guiding the source element "missile" to the right target position; or worse, no way of directing it into very specific positions within complex formulae or custom element definitions.

To solve the problem, Pyramid's patent-pending parameter logic allows users in the Data Discovery application to designate parameters in a query that can be used as target positions for incoming values such as the values received from an interaction click in the Story Board.

Melding these 2 powerful features yields unprecedented analytic capabilities and functionalities for both the novice and advanced user.

An example of interactions and parameters working together can be found here. See example #5.


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