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Input Targets

Input targets provide a mechanism for story board designers to map URL based parameters to specific queries on the slide canvas. These parameters have been fed in from dashboards loaded up via External URL.

This functionality is often useful when dashboards are embedded in other applications and these applications have external variable values that developers wish to inject into the BI Office dashboard at runtime. For example, the host application may have a drop down to pick a date - and developers would like to have users open up the dashboard set to this date. By using URL parameters, developers can construct the URL with the date parameter. They can then map this parameter via the input targeting framework to adjust the targeted queries on the dashboard slide(s).

Adding Targets

  • To add targets, click on the inputs button (purple arrow) on the interactions tab. This will expose a target panel at the bottom of the slide canvas.
  • Users then click on the "Add Target" button (blue arrow) to add one or more input target buttons. Each target needs to be given a name. This name will be used as part of the URL mapping and should be kept simple.
  • Once the target has been added, the user clicks on the "Input Targets" Interaction button to draw blue interactive arrows from the targets (red arrows) to any query panel on the slide.

NOTE: Input targets have no data validation process.



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