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Image Loader/Importer

Images can be uploaded as new assets, item backgrounds and theme designs using the image loader and importer. Acceptable image formats that can be imported are:

  • Vector Images: SVG and XAML markup
  • Raster (bitmap) Images: PNG and JPG/JPEG
SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics

SVG graphics is a widely available graphic format (markup) that can be derived from tools like Adobe Illustrator and Inkscape. In general, all SVG images can be imported as long as they do not have embedded raster images. In some cases, the import of SVG will fail for non-supported markup.

XAML Images

XAML images is the Microsoft equivalent of SVG markup. Microsoft's Designer and Blend have native export options to XAML. Users of Adobe Illustrator (up to CS 5.5) can install this plug-in to add export to XAML functionality.

Loader Interface

To upload an image, click the Load Image button (orange arrow). You will be prompted with a folder dialog to find an open your chosen graphic file.

Once uploaded, the image will appear in the preview window (black arrow). If the image is SVG or XAML, you'll be able to see and tweak the markup in the markup tab (red arrow).

The further format the image's appear inside BI Office, use the control palette (green highlight). This controls how it scales to the container window its alignment and opacity. Set the background color to control the color of any "whitespace" around the image in the application.


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