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Data Discovery: Report Ribbon

The report tab can be used to perform detailed report formatting.



Provides management options for the current report:

  • Keep as New Report - Saves current report with changes. You are prompted to specify a name for the new report. (The source report is closed without changes.)
  • Keep and Close - Saves current report with changes and then closes report.
  • Discard and Close - Closes current report without changes.
  • Duplicate - Copies current report (with changes) into a new report.
  • Rename - Renames current report.
  • Change Description - Changes report description (or saves with auto-title).

NOTE: Changes are not committed permanently until the book has been saved to the server.

Report Title

Provides title options for the current report.

Right-to-Left Layout

Swaps both report table and meta-trees into right-to-left format.

NOTE: If this button has been disabled by your Administrator, you will not see the button.


Changes the Mapping Culture Language of the report.

NOTE: This feature is only relevant if the cube has been designed with multiple languages.


Report Layout

Swaps between eight report layouts. Each layout has a fixed number of panes (1, 2, 3 or 4). Each pane may be assigned a single report component (Grid, Chart, Advanced, Map, Gauge, Text, Slicer). Panes can be resized by dragging pane splitter lines.

Locked Mode

Locks the report panel so that the panes within the panel cannot be resized.

Slicer Position

Places slicers at the top, left or right of the panel. For more information, see Slicer Layout.


Determines the theme styling for the current report.

Font Color

Determines the font color for the current report.

Background Color

Determines the background color for the current report.

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