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Data Discovery: Map Ribbon

See GeoSpatial Mapping for essential background info on maps.

Changes made in this tab influence the Map component only (in the current report only).



Allows user to choose the desired map type from a predefined list.

Map Controller

Displays/hides the map controller for easy zooming, panning and type swapping.

NOTE: Panning can also be performed by dragging mouse on map.

Show Scale

Displays/hides small map scale in lower right corner.

Zoom In

To perform zoom in:

  • Click on Zoom In button.
  • Use Map Controller.
  • Double-click desired place on map.
  • Hold CTRL key and drag mouse to indicate zoom area.
  • Use mouse wheel.
Zoom Out

To perform zoom out:

  • Click on Zoom Out button.
  • Use Map Controller.
  • Use mouse wheel.
New GIS Layer

Use this button to add new logical mapping layers for your model with the matching geospatial shape images. Click here for more.

Once they have been added, set the "hierarchy type" to this new geospatial data set type to see it inside your analytics.


Map Formatting

Map Themes

Applies a predefined map theme to current report. (Your system administrator may add additional chart themes, if necessary.)

NOTE: The Map Themes, Distribution and Map Highlight buttons function in an interactive fashion. Each time you use one of the three buttons, the current map settings are changed.


Provides control over the position and format of the map legend.

Map Highlight

Provides control over map color. Map colors can be based on map themes, a set of predefined colors, or customized coloring.

Overlay Opacity (slider)

Controls opacity of the map elements.



Map Labels

Controls map labels.

NOTE: Within Maps, labels can be displayed for shapes but not for pie charts (push pins).


Bolds/Unbolds map labels.


Italicizes/De-italicizes map labels.


Changes font color of map labels.


Changes the Mapping Culture Language of map labels.

Data Selection

Data Display

Determines how data is displayed on map:

  • Show Shapes (contours)
  • Show Pie Charts (push pins)
  • Choose Automatically - System determines automatically when to use Shapes or Pie Charts, based on GIS database content.
Data Set

Allows user to select which data set will be displayed.

NOTE: Button becomes activate when more than one data set is available.

Map Totals 

Displays Map Totals within Pie Charts.

NOTE: Button becomes activate when data is displayed in Pie Charts and Visual Totals has been selected in the Data Discovery/Home Tab.

Hierarchy Selection

Allows user to select which geographic hierarchy should be used.

NOTE: Button becomes active when two or more geospatial hierarchies are present in the current query.

Lines Thickness

Lines Thickness

Changes line thickness for Shapes.

NOTE: Button becomes active when Shapes are being displayed and the geometrical data is stored as lines.


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