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Report Power Square

The Power Square is a convenient short-cut feature for seeing meta-data about the selected report and for managing the selected report.

Meta Data

Hovering over the power square will reveal meta information:

  • The report name and description.
  • Filters (slicers) and cell overlays used in the report
  • Data source and date statistics about the report.
    • If the underlying data source is sanctioned or approved, the watermark certification icon is shown (black arrow).
  • Query stats about the report.

Report Management

Right clicking on the Power Square will expose a context menu for managing the selected report.

  • Keep as New Report - will take the current state of the current report, duplicate it into a new report and then prompt for a new report title. It will also close out the predecessor report, WITHOUT saving any of its changes.
  • Keep and Close - will store the current report design in the book and replace the existing one.
  • Discard and Close - will undo any changes made to the report and leave it in its last saved state and the close it
  • Duplicate - provides a convenient way to copy the existing state of a report into a new report
  • Report Reset - will reset the current report to its previously saved state
  • Rename - will allow the user to rename the report
  • Description - will allow the user to change a reports description or set it to the auto-title.

NOTE: None of the above changes will not be committed permanently until the book itself has been saved to the server.

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