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Navigation Engine

One of the key aspects of analytics is the ability to easily navigate data models. Apart from the functionality of the various "tree" objects and the context sensitive reporting components, BI Office includes a deep navigational heuristics engine to make the process both simpler and quicker. The various engine parts are described below.

Auto Navigation

Selection Panel

The selection panel houses four interactive zones (containers) that are used to define the structure of the query and the resulting data set.

Reporting Canvas
  • Dragging a hierarchy, level or dimension onto the reporting canvas will add it to the Slices of the query. See "Trash Can" below.

Trash Can

Similarly, dragging any item from any selection drop zone (rows, columns, slices, subsets) to the trash can on the reporting canvas will REMOVE it from the query. However, this does not apply to measures.

Auto Run

The auto run feature (manually set on the Home tab or Query tab in Data Discovery, or set as a default in user settings), will run the query after any of the above changes are detected.

  • If auto run is off, the user needs to manually click the execute button.
    • The execute button will be highlighted when the application detects that a query change has been made and an execution of the changes is required:

  • Auto run will not auto execute if there are no selections on either the columns, rows or both. Subsets and Slices are not prerequisites.



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