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Workspace Customization

The user may make customizations to the current workspace, and the customizations are saved from session to session.


Collapse Panel

To collapse a panel, click on its pin (as shown below).

The panel will collapse into a tab (as shown below).

Expand Panel

Once a panel is collapsed, you can display its contents temporarily by hovering over its tab. Click its pin again to expand the panel.

Display Panel Commands

To display a list of panel commands, click on the down arrow (or right click anywhere in the header bar).

Undock Panel

To undock a panel, select the Floating command:

  • The panel is placed at top left of the workspace.
  • Drag the panel to any position within the workspace (even on top of another panel).

Redock Panel

To redock a panel, select the Dockable command:

  • Drag the panel into a docking location.
  • The guide arrows indicate possible docking locations, as shown below.




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