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Multi-Mode Parameters

Multi-mode is a special flag for parameterized calculations and allows users to customize the way multi-select parameters operate inside custom elements.

Iterative vs Cumulative Parameters

By default, parameters included in custom members and sets (and ASD driven sets) are "iterative". If a parameter is included in a calculation and it has multiple values (for example, from a multi-select slicer, button array or tree slicer), the resulting calculation will be iteratively repeated for each parameterized value presented.

However, there are often times when users would like the multiple parameters to be combined into a single calculation. As such, the user would like the "cumulative" effect of the parameter.

Multi-Mode Example

A parameter is built for quarters in the system. The parameters are in turn used as inputs for a calculation "Aggregate". The calculation is now used in a query and the parameter slicer is shown. The user has changed the parameter to a multi-select list box and has chosen three selections.

Example Images
By default, each of parameters feed into the calculation, generating three distinct calculations (iteratively). Notice that the name of each parameter is appended to the name of the calculated member.
If the Multi-mode of the "Aggregate" calculation is changed to "cumulative", the three parameters are used cumulatively into the target operation and the combined effect is a single calculation rather than three.

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