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Measure Optimization


The Measure Optimization switch influences the manner in which column/row optimization is executed.

  • When measures are placed in the column or row axis, the NONEMPTY function often performs better since the specific measures in the query are injected into its formulation.
  • Before using column/row optimization, the Measure Optimization switch should be turned ON.
  • Even in cases when Measure Optimization does not improve column/row optimization, it will not cause any slowdown.
  • Measure Optimization does not affect total optimizations.
Usage Tip

Measure Optimization switch is turned ON by default and can be left ON at all times, since BI Office can detect when it is optimal to apply the feature.

Access Methods

There are two ways to turn ON the Measure Optimization switch.

  • Open Query Options in Query Ribbon and select Measure Optimization.
  • Click Query Options in Query Ribbon to turn ON all optimization switches.

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