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Cube Actions

BI Office supports numerous "cube actions" that have been defined on the cube by the cube's designers. A cube action provides a springboard for end users to access additional functions and applications - based on the results of a query or metadata selections.

Supported Cube Actions

BI Office currently supports the following cube actions

  • DRILLTHROUGH - any drillthrough queries attached to a data cell in a query can be executed WITHIN the client. The result set is returned WITHIN the application in a data grid. By default, the result set is limited to 1000 records. However, users can resubmit the query and increase the maximum number of rows returned. Results can also be exported to Excel from the grid.
  • URL - any URL actions attached to any part of the cube (the cube itself, dimensions, levels, members and cells) can be launched from the client. The application will open a secondary browser window with the URL address.
  • Reporting Services - similar to URL actions, any reporting service actions attached to the cube will be launched from the client via a secondary browser pop-up window.
  • RowSet - any rowset relational queries attached to a cube will be executed WITHIN the client (similar to DRILLTHROUGH). The result set is returned WITHIN the application in a data grid. Results can be exported to Excel from the grid. Using this action, it is possible for cube designers to expose "drill-to-relational-detail" functionality using SQL queries to end users through the BI Office application.

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