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Calculation Designer Overview

The Calculation Designer Wizard is a point-and-click tool that enables you to easily design sophisticated and advanced calculations. With this wizard, you can:

  • Build cross-dimensional Custom Member calculations without hand writing code. (Previously, this was impossible without manual MDX expressions.)
  • Build Custom KPI calculations that come complete with separate logic for setting the actual and target values as well as the logic for KPI formulations and visualizations. The new custom KPI functionality complements cube-driven KPIs and becomes the basis for advanced score-carding.
  • Design Cell Overlays, cell-level calculations, which can drive highly specific, highly tuned logic to affect query results at the cell level with an unprecedented level of calculation power, control and specificity.

Coupled with the variables functionality, custom members, KPIs and cell overlays from the calculation designer will allow an unprecedented level of analytic sophistication.

Accessing the Calculation Designer Wizard

The Calculation Designer Wizard can be found on the Query ribbon of Data Discovery.

NOTE: Access to the wizard is only available to Professional and Analyst users.

When you click on the Calculation Designer icon, a pop-up window will appear presenting three options (see image above):

1. Custom Member: With this option, you can create advanced custom members using multiple hierarchy selections and/or functions.

2. Custom KPI: With this option, you can build custom KPI (Key Performance Indicators) calculations by setting the logic for actual and target values; and then the logic to determine the KPI’s status using formulations, banding and visualization options.

3. Cell Overlay: With this option, you can design calculations to affect cell values in queries and the cube itself by setting the target for the calculation (scope) and the logic for the resulting values (formulation).

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