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Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several convenient keyboard shortcuts in the application that make usage of the tools quicker and more efficient.

Within most browsers, the functions keys "F1", "F3", "F5", "F10' and "F11" are reserved for browser use. The keys below are employed by Pyramid in conjunction with these keyboard shortcuts.


Key Function

In Data Discovery, this function is the general key for "running" or "executing" a query. It has the same function as the "Execute" button found in the top right hand corner. This button will act as the RUN button except in the situations described below.

If the user has the focus on the report tree; is in the content organizer; or is in the SAVE dialog, the F2 key will instead act as the "rename" function. On pushing F2, the current item will provide a text box prompt for renaming purposes.

Delete In the selections trees, in Data Discovery, the delete key will remove selected hierarchies from the panel.
CTRL + Click In both Data Discovery and Story Board, holding the CTRL key while clicking on elements in the grid, chart or map, the query engine will EXPAND the element to show its child elements, rather than DRILL DOWN to its child elements.
SHIFT + Click In Story Board, holding the SHIFT key while clicking on elements in the grid, chart or map will invoke an "interaction" between the item and other queries on the slide canvas.

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