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Third Party Content

BI Office is able to read in third party content in a variety of ways.

  • For external, web based content, users can create web panels inside story boards and simply reference the URL of the external content. It will then show up in the dashboards for consumption like internal BI Office analytics and content.
  • For legacy ProClarity content, users can import old ProClarity BBK files into BI Office. These are converted on the spot and become available for use like any other BI Office analytics report. Alternatively, if it has been configured in the admin, ProClarity PAS repositories are available to users as a "legacy" content source in the folder tree. The content is simply read and not imported. If a user elects to save any changes made to these legacy items they are converted into BI Office analytic content.
  • For Power BI  content, users can use the "Publish to Pyramid" function inside Power BI desktop. This will import the underlying 'PBIX' file from Power BI into BI Office's main content structure. Power BI content can either be viewed or embedded inside story boards like normal BI Office content.

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