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Power BI Publishing Errors

Error Explanation
You cannot publish content with your user license type. You need to have the right BI Office user license type to publish. In V6.1 only Professional users can publish. As of V6.2, Consumers, Analysts and Professional users can publish but Viewers cannot publish.
No publishing directory has been configured. Please contact your administrator. There will be publishing issues if there are problems with the server-side publishing directory in BI Office (missing, out of space or invalid). Please check the admin console.
This file exceeds the maximum size limit for uploads. The PBIX file size you are attempting to upload exceeds the system limits. Reduce the amount of content in file and re-publish.
You do not have a valid Pyramid Analytics user license. The user attempting to upload/publish is not a registered, licensed user in BI Office. The user needs to get a user license in order to continue.
The Pyramid Analytics Service is limited to content that uses live connect data only. Embedded data models are not supported. Currently, only Power BI content that uses data connected "live" to SQL Server Analysis Services can be published to BI Office. This is due to limitations in the mismatch in the engines between Power BI and SSAS (2012 onwards).
Custom visuals or R based visuals are currently not supported. This file cannot be published. Power BI content that includes either custom visuals or R based content cannot be published and will be rejected.
Power BI publishing is disabled in Pyramid Analytics. Please contact your administrator. The Power BI publishing capability in BI Office is not enabled. It needs to be turned on in the admin console.
The destination folder is invalid. General error occurred while uploading the file to BI Office. Check connectivity.
The version of Power BI in Pyramid Analytics does not yet support this version of content. Please contact your administrator. The Power BI desktop version and BI Office Power BI version are not in sync. Check to see that your BI Office Power BI engine is up to date.
Unknown File ID General issues with the PBIX file.
Unknown Error General unknown errors.

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