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Opening Content with URL's

Users can open content directly from a browser using a special URL string that instructs the BI Office engine to load the content item directly - circumventing the backstage interface. Further, the URL string can include certain switches that will force the application to load up the content in specific ways.

The composition of the URL can be derived through 2 methods:

  • Within the client application, users can elect to email content in the distribution screens. This will either generate a client side email, or give the user an opportunity to generate the URL link (see image below)
  • From the Open or Recent screens, users can click on the Open Link button. From here they can email the link to other users or open the link in a new browser window. Switches include the ability to turn fast load on or off.
  • Using the separate web service API, developers can generate the URL link. See the separate web service manual.

URL strings can be further supplemented with URL parameters for tweaking the queries in the report.

NOTE: disabling the advanced analytic features will ensure that recipients of the link will not be able to re-open the item into the full analytic environment.

Email from Distribution Open Link Dialog

URL Switches

The following switches can be used to customize the way a report or dashboard loads up

  • “ws” – Workspace Type (Data Discovery only)
    • '1' – Analytic workspace
    • '2' – Viewer workspace
    • '0' – Dashboard workspace
  • “wsb” – Workspace Buttons Configuration (Data Discovery only)
    • '0' - NORMAL – Navigational buttons, Back to Analytic View button and the Run button are visible.
    • '1' -NONE – No buttons are visible.
    • '2' - SHOW_PYRAMID – Pop-up Analytics button and the Run button are visible.
  • “isDisabledanalytics” – When ‘True’ users cannot go back to the designer workspace with the linked report open, when they push back it goes back to the Backstage.
  • “isDashboardPanelOn” - Only works in Data Discovery when it’s ‘False’ the Flat Page Banner doesn’t show on the screen.

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