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Export and Import Content

Users can export and import BI Office content files from the application via the interfaces presented in the Open page.

BI Office stand alone content files end in the extension "paxl" and can be used to move content from one instance to another.

Paxl (pronounced 'pack-sil') files are binary files that can only be opened in the BI Office application. To export content into other formats, like PDF, XPS, Excel or PowerPoint, users should use the distribution functions.

NOTE: Often the best way to share issues in a report with support is by sending them the paxl file.

Exporting and Importing Story Boards

When a story board is exported a matching data discovery book is also created and exported in the same paxl file that contains all the underlying queries and reports used in the dashboard.

On importing the dashboard, the 2 content files will be imported into the same directory with the same name. This gives users access to the underlying dashboard content on the target system, including the custom elements.

The resulting Data Discovery book is a compendium of all the queries for a dashboard even if they come from multiple source Data Discovery books.



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